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To submit tax returns is a lengthy process. It has been estimated that 60% people hire a tax preparer for this job.


Are you getting your things together for your business tax preparation at the year end? Here are some tips that are bound to help you.


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If you think you are too late for filing back tax returns, then you are wrong because it’s never too late. Read this helpful guide and be informed about your tax issues and previous year filings.

The very first step that you should take in order to sort out our previous years filings, is to gather all your documents and file back your tax returns. Get your receipts and forms together. If you do not have receipts then you should work on getting them. You should also collect your bank statements for a written record of your expenses and income. This should cover most of your expenses.

In case you are missing an important document from your previous years filings, you must file a request for the missing document. You can always request a copy from the IRS. There are specific forms available. Moreover, you can always do your work online instead of dealing with hassle of manually going to the office and collecting your form. Search on the website for the missing form that you need. Carefully plan your steps before taking one. You can also hire a tax preparer or an expert accountant to help you.

To deal with previous years filings and tax forms, you cannot follow the rules and regulations of the present years. You need o study the instructions well and then proceed. If you have all your receipts, bank statements, personal information and documents ready with you, you can directly start filling out the forms. After you are done, double check to see that the entire information you have entered is correct. Since the tax laws change every year, it is your responsibility to keep a track of it every now and then. It is better to read the rules and then make the deductions instead of doing everything all over again, in accordance to the new laws. You should keep checking the website in case any new amendment or rule has been added.

Now that you have gathered all the useful information needed for arranging your previous years filings, you need to submit your forms. In case you have additional income taxes of the previous years to pay, you can take steps to avoid the interest charges. You will receive the exact amount of penalty that you are due, once the IRS has received your tax returns and previous year filings.

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Our online tax software gives you the most accurate return and the largest possible refund you are entitled to receive. If there is an error in the preparation of your return that results in penalties and interest, we will reimburse you for the associated penalty and interest initially assessed



The Tax Preparer who helped me was so knowledgeable and professional. She was not rushing to get me in and out. My Tax was return was fully explained and all of my questions were answered. Also, we were educated on how we can save on our taxes in the future, something we have never experienced before. The service we received was exceptional! I cant wait to come back and file again with M&M Tax Group next year!

– Maria Lopez

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